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5 Eco-Friendly Inventions You Never Knew Existed

I was buying fish the other day and asked the fishmonger for a plastic bag. With a sigh of frustration, he replied “Well, it’s already inside the fish, isn’t it?” 


Plastic pollution is a HUGE issue; however, it is just one of the environmental impacts we’ve made on Earth! Since we are the epicenter of all these environmental issues, why can’t we be the solution as well?


The way to go is straightforward—introduce change to our lifestyles! Fortunately, there are plenty of great eco-friendly inventions that could help us do so. 


Check out TGB Charity’s top picks that will make a difference for the planet! 

Edible Cutlery

Nom nom on your spoons to prevent plastic waste at its source.


Single-use plastic pollution is HUGE. Numerous photos of plastic-covered oceans and lifeless marine animals have shattered many hearts. To stand up to this problem, Bakey’s, an Indian company has created the world’s first edible cutlery made purely of rice, wheat, and sorghum!


Another great news is that the price of these edible spoons and forks is about the same as plastic ones—making it a no-brainer to start the change! 

From Stones To Paper

It sounds like magic–and “feels” like magic, too!
According to WWF, despite our efforts to maximize the use of recycled pulp, 40% of trees are still felled for paper. Obviously, we need a better alternative!
The cool news was that folks at Karst came up with a solution by turning recycled stones into minimalistic, functional, and aesthetic notebooks! 
Unlike the conventional papermaking industry, Karst creates stone paper without the need for wood, water, and chemicals while creating only a third of the carbon footprint.
What a wonderful idea to let your creativity run wild with sustainability in mind!

Cactus-Made Vegan Leather

As exquisite as genuine leather, but much more Eco friendly.


Most types of so-called vegan leather are made from plastics, which means that they may be cruelty-free to animals, but not to the environment! Nonetheless, Desserto from Mexico found a perfect material for such an ordeal, cactus! 


The two founders have created a method to turn cactus, one of the most abundant plants in Mexico into durable and breathable vegan leather without the need for toxic chemicals.


Plus, the sustainable features of these spiky plants can benefit Earth in many positive ways. Cactus requires little water, absorbs CO2, and can be partially harvested rather than being entirely dug up.


Solid ten points to folks at Desserto!

Plastic Waste Roads

Why bury plastic waste underneath the earth when we can pave long-lasting roads with it instead?


A UK-based company MacRebur has stunned the world with its sustainable plastic asphalt mix. This type of hybrid asphalt replaces the use of oil-based bitumen with non-recyclable plastic waste that was destined for landfill or incineration.


But the question is, is this sustainable asphalt strong enough to carry vehicles? According to stats, this next-gen asphalt is surprisingly 60% stronger and more durable than conventional one! Most importantly—they keep the planet clean.

Saltwater Lamp

Let's light up the whole world with salt and water! 
Aisa Mijeno, a Filipina engineer invented the Sustainable Alternative Lighting (SALt) lamp that is powered solely by saltwater. Just two tablespoons of salt and one glass of water will keep this good boy shining for eight hours! A brilliant design like this will surely save many in some of the most disaster-prone regions around the world.
“To light up the rest of the Philippines sustainability,” was the vision of Ms.Mijeno when she came up with the idea of the SALt lamp. “This isn’t just a product, it’s a social movement.” she added.
As the environmental issues keep expanding, the amount of new eco-friendly inventions will rise as well! If you do find other designs that make you go “wow”, feel free to share them with us on Facebook or Instagram!  

TGB Charity will keep focusing on charity issues of all sides in a fun and creative way. Stay tuned!


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