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A Year Dedicated to Amazing Wildlife and Ecosystems!

2021 has not been easy on us, but we are not defeated. Countries come together to fight corona-virus, more and more people are aware of the importance and urgency to tackle climate change. The world is getting better and TGB Charity is not stopping here.

TGB Charity dedicates this year to amazing wildlife and beautiful ecosystems. Take a look at what we have been doing in 2021!

YouTube Wildlife Caring Series

Did you know that sloths experience high levels of fear and stress when being hugged? 

TGB Charity’s Wildlife Caring Series presents interesting uncommonly known facts about orangutans, rhinos, sloths and our beautiful marine life. Most of them are under critical threat and require our urgent support.

YouTube Ecosystem Series

A healthy ecosystem will provide wildlife with the four basic needs to survive - food, water, shelter and space. One of the easiest and most effective ways to help wildlife is to preserve the environment in which the animals live.

TGB Charity’s YouTube Ecosystem Series introduces some of the most endangered ecosystems and how we can help to protect them. 

Artist Collaboration

We have had the honor to work with ASK (Alex Stormy Knight), a talented artist and designer from Canada who specializes in acrylic, mixed media and digital art. Some of his works are exhibited in art galleries around the world.


Alex created 6 hand-drawn wildlife line art for our charity campaign – “Love For All Kinds” and invited his audience to learn more about endangered wildlife and ecosystems. These stunning artworks can be found on both ASK TikTok account and TGB Charity’s Instagram account

#LoveForAllKinds Fundraising Campaign

“Love For All Kinds” wildlife fundraising campaign – the very first campaign since the launch of our official website. This year, TGB Charity works with 6 different animal charities around the world to raise public awareness on the survival of endangered animals, as well as the importance of ecosystem conservation.

Choosing a charity to donate can be rough sometimes, and we are here to make that easier for you. Animal charities are invited to present their missions and events on “Love For All Kinds” fundraising platform in an easy-to-read set up to help the general public learn about the charities they are interested in. 

Thank you to FLIGHT Indonesia, International Animal Rescue, International Rhino Foundation, Phoenix Fund, Rottnest Foundation and Toucan Rescue Ranch.

Stay tuned for upcoming campaigns in 2022!

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