TGB Charity - These creative ways to save animals could defy imagination.
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Can You Imagine Yourself Becoming a Tiger?

People know that saving animals from extinction is important, but the issue seems quite far away from our everyday life. What if, you could feel how animals feel? Would you be more connected to the endangered animals?

Empathy Experiment

The International Tiger Project (ITP), a not-for-profit project in the US, designs The Empathy Experiment, in which people can truly feel the tiger’s pain, fear, anxiety and helplessness. By placing six volunteers into a state of deep hypnosis, The Empathy Experiment created in partnership with Leo Burnett Sydney aims to give people an insight into the very real dangers that tigers face in the wild. And, more importantly, just how it would feel to be in their place. Curious about what happened? Come watch the stunning video →HERE


“Hanko” means seals in Japanese, used in lieu of signatures in personal documents, office paperwork, contracts, art, or any item requiring acknowledgement or authorship. It’s very normal to see them in Japanese people’s daily life. Unfortunately, many people do not know that traditional Hankos make Japan one of the countries with the highest domestic sales of ivory in the world. 

A campaign from WildAid and Tears of the African Elephant, a Japanese NGO, calls on Japan to end its ivory trade. The campaign’s animated video “Hankograph”, created by Grey Tokyo and Academy Award-nominated artist Koji Yamamura, tells the story of how hankos are made, connecting elephant poaching to the final product. Some 500 hankos made from wood were used to create the video, a self-reflexive approach for a stylized 2,400 frames of stop-motion animation. Why not watch the astonishing film right now →HERE 

Love For All Kinds

TGB Charity launches “Love For All Kinds” wildlife fundraising campaign in 2021, working with 6 excellent animal charities around the world to raise public awareness on the survival of threatened animals. 

Besides the campaign, TGB Charity also dedicates the year to amazing wildlife and beautiful ecosystems. Take a look at what we have been doing in 2021


Earth Is Home For All Living Beings 
Love For All Kinds 
A Year Dedicated to Amazing Wildlife and Ecosystems!