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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Love and Care

How would you celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

Buying flowers, making a meal for your mom, or sending a loving message to her? All these ideas that express your love and appreciation to your mom are perfect. But do you know what is closely linked with motherhood? Menstruation. 

For humans, menstruation is the most natural phenomenon from where life begins. While we cherish this unique attribute women have, in India, over 20% of adolescent girls drop out of school after they start menstruating due to lack of education, proper facilities or financial issues. 

In October, 2020, TGB Charity works with SAATH, a charitable organization and Unipads, a reusable sanitary pads company in India, holding a series of workshops to educate pupils with a full understanding of health and sanitary knowledge. TGB Charity donates US$ 60,000 and host over 100 related workshops in the campuses in Gujarat, India, where children learn the correct knowledge while resolve the misunderstandings in relation to health and sanitation. 

Until now, there have been over 10,000 participants joining the workshops. And the number is still going up, so as the influence this campaign brings. 

Let’s read more about the campaign and make Mother’s Day more meaningful HERE