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My Kindness Is…Unique BLACK

You have a bold and unique soul. You dare to dream differently, even if other people doubt it. Great imagination and creativity are your super power. Sometimes people might consider you a maverick by your characteristics, but that is what makes you special. Since you are such an artistic and unusual person, these TGB Charity’s campaigns below might interest you! 

The Future You’d Love

  • Worldwide

What kind of future would you love? 

TGB Charity has collected people’s thoughts and ideas for the campaign “The Future You’d Love”. In this campaign, everyone has the right to speak out the future they want, in their own way. 

We have also invited our charity partners including Blessed Echoes Children Alliance (Uganda), De Pull-Up Foundation (Ghana), FLIGHT (Indonesia), Fobeworld Org (DRC), Toucan Rescue Ranch (Costa Rica), Unipads (India) and (USA), and many excellent artists to join, showing a variety of stunning and creative possibilities of the future for all. 

The ideas collected in this campaign have been transformed into a video “The Future You’d Love”. Come watch the video on… →Learn more

The Gaming Beat Charity Music Event

  • United Kingdom

As TGB Charity's initial international charity event, “music” was our first choice to mark the start of our effort in raising public awareness on charity issues. 

TGB Charity and DJ Mag worked together to hold The Gaming Beat Charity (TGB Charity), for which Fedde Le Grand was invited to produce 3 original tracks. 

Thanks to the global responses that helped us carry out our target of "a million downloads". On that account, TGB Charity donated an additional US$90,000 to the Top 100 DJ Foundation to support them in assisting key projects from UNICEF, Lymph & Co, and The Ocean Cleanup, and… →Learn more

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