TGB Charity - How a Post-Pandemic World Will Be?
How a Post-Pandemic World Will Be?

Covid-19 has had undeniable and horrific consequences on people’s lives and global economy. Nevertheless, are there all negative effects the coronavirus pandemic brings to the world? 

Since the pandemic is a marathon rather than a sprint, maybe we should stop thinking to go back to “normal”, but accept changes and adapt ourselves to the “new normal” in a post-pandemic world. 

Remote and flexible working 

The quarantines have made many businesses go remote now. However, the future of work may not be fully remote, neither will it be clustered in offices. “It’ll be a hybrid,” says Martine Ferland of Mercer, a human resources firm. 

The investments made for larger spaces are going to decrease and companies are going to not let geographical locations stand in between while hiring their talents. 

The goal of balancing productivity with personal needs will become more achievable. 
People will have more flexibility at work. Sounds nice, isn’t it? 

Different lifestyle with better hygiene 

Being hygienic is no longer just a good habit, but the very skill you need for survival. As social animals, humans desire relationships, contact and interaction with others. This is not going to change, but now we are aware of how to do that more hygienically. 

From shaking hands to Namaste, we all have had a lifestyle change for the good. We also find new ways to address the need for interconnection. In Italy, people are joining their instruments and voices to create music from their balconies. Some of them are also leading street dance parties while maintaining social distancing. 

New ways to learn 

Schools, universities and colleges have been shut down due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, online classes have become the new norm for educational institutions. Home-schooling is becoming the new way of learning, exposing many parents to how their children perceive concepts. 

Institutions save on the infrastructural costs, and it also benefit the students. With the innovative ways to education, knowledge becomes more affordable and accessible. As the online education system develops, we can expect a rise in the reach of education within every section of the society. 

Covid-19 brings deaths and damages. Nevertheless, it has offered us a new perspective on everything we have taken for granted for so long – freedoms, leisure, connections, work, family and friends. With gratitude for what we used to neglect in our lives, we can be better human beings in this upcoming post-pandemic world. 


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