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Scare or Care

Scare or Care?

This October, TGB Charity took a new approach to celebrating Halloween, wishing to make people experience a different festival. 

Make this Halloween meaningful

In order to create a unique and significant Halloween, we have made a series of spooky but meaningful images to raise people’s awareness of vital global issues. Each image, posted on TGB Charity’s social media throughout the whole month of October, inspires people to care about a critical world problem. Moreover, this image series is also a review of past campaigns that we collaborated with several philanthropic partners. 

Salute to our untiring partners

TGB Charity has been working with charitable organizations to draw the public’s attention to philanthropy through interesting activities since 2018. By 2021, we have provided assistance in a variety of fields, making contribution to the world. In the Halloween season, we dedicate this festive event to all our charity partners, who have been making efforts for various global issues. 


“What makes it sound better?”

As TGB Charity's initial international charity event, “music” was our first choice to mark the start of our effort in raising public awareness on charity issues. 

TGB Charity and DJ Mag worked together to hold The Gaming Beat Charity music event, for which Fedde Le Grand was invited to produce 3 original tracks for people to download. 

In this event, we donated US$90,000 to the Top 100 DJ Foundation to support them in assisting key projects from UNICEF, Lymph & Co, and Ocean Clean Up, and so forth.

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“Is that joyful tears?”

We build hope through the power of PLAY! 

On March 11, 2011, Japan experienced the strongest earthquake in its recorded history. The earthquake caused a tsunami and both struck northeast Japan. More than 15,500 people died, and over 450,000 people became homeless. 

Ten years later, to revitalize this area and protect the children's smiles here, TGB Charity partnered with Japanese NPO, Playground of Hope, and built a playground in Kesennuma City, whose coast was totally razed by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

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“Whose hand is it?”

Menstrual hygiene is an important aspect of girls’ health and wellbeing. In India, over 20% of adolescent girls drop out of school after they start menstruating due to lack of right education, proper facilities or financial issues. 

In 2020, TGB Charity donated US$60,000 and worked with our partners from India, Saath Charitable Trust and Unipads India, aiming to improve awareness among adolescent school girls about the importance of menstrual hygiene. 

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“Where is the last place to get food?”

Did you know? 1 in 4 people in the world are malnourished. In most countries, 1 in 10 people are food insecure. 

TGB Charity worked with The Food Bank Singapore in 2019. Through buying donation boxes and food bundles, we are working toward changing the issues of uneven food distribution in the area.

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“What keeps her hopping?”

Would you use water differently if you only have a bucket of water a day? TGB Charity released a 2-minute interactive video, “Imagine a Life Without Clean Water”, to invite global users to experience the life without clean water, and how having no access to clean water, time waste on collecting water and water pollution could impact on human survival.

As part of this initiative, we are also supporting Water.org, an international nonprofit organization, donating US$50,000 to help bring safe water to families in need around the world.

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“Can you hear it screaming?”

TGB Charity plants 1,000,000 trees around the world! 

In 2019, wildfires in the Amazon forest destroyed a large area of rainforest, which seriously affected the entire ecological environment as well as making people aware of the importance of trees!

TGB Charity partnered with the international charity organization, Trees for the Future, to initiate a reforestation project. 

To make the Earth greener, we gathered support through the online tree-planting event and turned the online clicks into real trees planted around the globe.

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“Have you seen my brain?”

There is one in every five children out of school in the world. Lack of education can have major effects on children’s personality and social development. In poor regions and countries where they do not have sufficient resources, lack of education is inarguably the root cause for the cycle of poverty. 

TGB Charity partnered with Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) to support vulnerable children in Cambodia. Our donation is used by CCF to pay for children’s school fees, stationery supplies, various school subjects, and maintenance of school facilities.

We want to become the driving force for children to pursue their dreams by giving every child the opportunity to learn.

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When you look at these scary images, you may think about the world issues they indicate, and how we can prevent the terrible consequences in the pictures. 

Together, we can make this world better.