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Staying Apart but Connected

In 2020, we all expected the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic would become brighter the next year. However, in 2021, unequal vaccine distribution, increasing types of variant, and the explosion of coronavirus cases in India make the end of the pandemic seem unreachable. 

Even when we can’t be close, we can be together

The endless quarantine and social distancing lead many of us feel socially isolated in these challenging times. Yet human beings are social creatures. Our connection to others makes it possible for us to battle diseases, thrive and survive. To cheer people up, some corporations have made encouraging videos. One of them is “Even When We Can’t Be Close, We Can Be Together”, made by Vodafone in Italy. The whole video was filmed at home, revealing every scene in quarantine. 

Stay home, stay safe, stay connected

Another warm video is from Virgin Media, “Stay home, stay safe, stay connected”. It celebrates the ingenious, odd and fabulous ways people are all staying connected. While watching it, you may feel wonderful, funny and light-hearted. 

Dream the Future

The whole Covid-19 thing may let you feel depressed and hopeless sometimes, but there must be a light at the end of the tunnel. So don’t give up. Take a look at Gap’s cheerful video Dream the Future, and carry on with hope. We will get through this, together. 


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