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Don’t Stop Being Creative During COVID-19

Coronavirus is unpredictable. While we thought the pandemic was probably controlled after the vaccine had developed, the new variants of Covid-19 were immediately discovered in India, US, South Africa and many other places in the world. It seems we have no chance to defeat it if we don’t keep our mind flexible and creative. 

Floating cinema

When staying in a confined space becomes life-threatening, it is a huge difficulty for cinemas. Is it possible to enjoy a movie in the open air as well as to keep social distancing? The Parisians have found the solution. In Paris, moviegoers can now munch their popcorn watching a movie from a boat on the river Seine. Rather than sitting in a theatre with a mask, the floating cinema becomes a safe and new way for people to go to a movie. 

Fashion show in a wheat field

In this tough quarantine time, what is the possibility for a fashion show? When most designers chose to present their collections digitally, Simon Porte Jacquemus staged the fashion show “L’Amour” in a giant field of wheat. This show, following Covid-19 social distancing guidelines set by authorities in France, was impressively executed in an elegant and natural way. 

“But what’s so beautiful about L’Amour is how it can endure – sometimes even grow stronger – in the absence of people being together,” Jacquemus wrote on Instagram.

Let hope bloom

The Flower Council of Holland has also launched a campaign to send a message of hope. The campaign uses 200,000 flowers to create the message Let Hope Bloom, a sign of global solidarity and optimism during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The campaign will run in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Globally, people are encouraged to share this message of hope along with the hashtag #lethopebloom

There are still many ways to express the creativity and cheer people up during the pandemic. And what’s yours? 


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