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Different Views on Staying Positive During COVID-19

2020 was a horrible year. The year is over, while the Covid-19 crisis continues. We could pessimistically accept the difficulty, or, we can choose to face it with optimism. It’s not saying that we should ignore the difficulty, isolation and frustration caused by the pandemic. Instead, we could try to find the silver linings, and we may see different sights of the current world. 

A unique meaning of “Making History”

Some brands have tried to bring people the positive and novel ways of seeing. The Volvo Trucks 'Make History' brand positioning took on new meaning with the crisis caused by the Covid-19. The campaign “Heroes of the Road” proposes that “making history is moving forward, even when everyone had to stop”, recalling the truckers’ mission of transporting medicines, food and, above all, hope that the world does not stop.  

What’s one more year

While the whole world has become a complete standstill, some people don’t take it as a time to rest, but a time to get ready for themselves. We can see the spirit revealed in Adidas film What’s One More: “But just because the world is waiting, doesn’t mean we have to slow down. It means we have to keep pushing, and keep earning our spot on the world stage.”

It’s less than three months to restart the Olympics, which was postponed in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. But to go on or to cancel it? The uncertainty makes it a very difficult decision for Japan, the host country, to make. 

Play and have fun by yourself!

Neither heroes nor athletes, as the normal people, we can still stay positive at home. Don’t know what to do? Let’s watch the cute video “Long Live Sport” from Dick’s Sporting Goods, smile at the happy moments in the video, and find your own way to have fun as well as, be positive. 


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