TGB Charity - Watch this 1 min video and get to know what kind of future people want!
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The Future You'd Love: Video Released

April 5 is the International Day of Conscience, designated by the UN, commemorating the importance of the human conscience. While building a culture of peace with love and conscience, TGB Charity releases a delightful new video “The Future You’d Love”. 

What kind of future would you love?

The Future You’d Love campaign brings together people’s various answers to the question, in their own way. Since the beginning of 2022, TGB Charity has been collecting people’s thoughts and ideas about the post-pandemic future we are facing. We have also invited our charity partners and several marvelous artists to join, showing a diversity of stunning and creative possibilities of the future for all.

A million thanks to all participants who have made this project unique and splendid. Now, enjoy the video below, or watch it on TGB Charity’s YouTube channel!


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