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When Charity Enters the Gaming World

No one can turn away from video games, right?


Video games are hugely welcomed for their stunning ways to entertain! But, what if games could offer more than just entertainment?


TGB Charity discovers that numerous charities have begun working with game developers to raise awareness via unique gaming experiences! Let’s take a look at some of the examples. 

GTA: Los Santos Under Water

The climate crisis is impending, and we are far behind schedule.


In hopes of delivering this message, the climate activist group, Greenpeace has collaborated with Grand Theft Auto in 2022. By turning Los Santos, one of the most recognized cities in the gaming world into a ruined city, GTA has demonstrated what the impending climate crisis could do! 

Throughout the experience, players get to witness Santa Monica pier submerged in seawater, residents displaced, and the sense of fear looming the city. Plus, our characters have to put on masks as we accomplish missions such as delivering drinking water and helping climate refugees.


Lastly, players land on a charity page where they could take real actions including donating and signing a petition. These will help pressure governments to take further climate actions.

Angry Birds 2: Playing For The Planet

When it comes to the environment, Angry Birds weren't so angry after all…


Climate change and deforestation have been serious issues. In 2020, Rovio responded to the UN Trillion Tree Campaign by hosting an irresistible event in Angry Birds 2.


Players were to equip a new Forester hat set that allowed them into the Embrace Your Nature levels for more rewards. Also, players get to show their support for the cause by popping a total of 6.5 billion pigs with the global community!  

Re-mission: “Fight” Cancer with Roxxi?

There’s nothing more frustrating than battling against a disease one can’t even see.


Fortunately, Hopelab has developed a fun shooting game called Re-mission to encourage cancer patients and help them better understand how treatments work.


In Re-Mission, players control a nanobot named Roxxi as she destroys cancer cells and infection with treatment-inspired skills while traveling through the bodies of fictional patients. 


The most impressive part is that Re-Mission did help patients overcome cancer. Research shows that patients who played Re-Mission stuck to their treatments more consistently, and became more confident and knowledgeable about cancer treatments. 

TGB Charity: For The Next

TGB Charity calls for public attention to global warming through creativity! 


In 2019, we partnered with Trees for the Future to initiate a global reforestation project. If anyone plants a virtual tree on our interactive website, TGB Charity would then plant a real tree on Earth! This way, anyone could give to the planet.


Through this interactive process, we looked forward to raising awareness on farmland restoration and forest conservation. As a result, 1,000,000 trees were planted!

In the future, see if you can spot a charity Easter egg in your favorite video game! If you did, feel free to share it with us! 


TGB Charity will keep focusing on different charity issues in a fun and diverse way. Stay tuned!


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