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When the Smile Glitters

When the Smile Glitters is a charitable fundraising campaign for charities/NGOs that dedicated to children and children rights. In the beginning of 2022, TGB Charity has collected people’s thoughts and ideas during the campaign “The Future You’d Love”, through which people expressed how much they cared about children rights.

Based on this, TGB Charity carries out When the Smile Glitters, helping our partners do something for the kids in need. Below you will find nine charities/NGOs from different countries and areas, focusing on children needs and rights.

TGB Charity invites you to help the kids out. We are now seeking potential donors for these great charities. With their efforts and your support, it would be possible for the children in need to live better lives.

 (**All events and external information mentioned below are independently held by individual NGOs. They reserve the right to change, modify and/or cancel the events and activities. TGB Charity provides the platform for promotion only.)

Blessed Echoes Children Alliance

  • Uganda 

Blessed Echoes Children's Alliance (BECA) is an NGO registered in 2016 and works to reach out to vulnerable children, families and communities. Primarily focusing on rural communities in eastern Uganda by providing hope to vulnerable people affected by AIDS, illiteracy, hunger, domestic violence and natural calamities that has caused extreme poverty in Uganda through:
• Education     • Children's right     • Clean water 

• Women empowerment     • Health and wellness

• Food security and Humanitarian Relief.

BECA is committed to secure a good future and improves the lives of the needy children in Uganda.

Click to support BECA, so the kids won’t worry about their next meal!

Central Park Angels

  • United States

Central Park Angels is a registered NGO. Their goal is to collect and quickly deliver all the necessary equipment, clothing, food, and medical supplies urgently needed by Ukrainian refugees. 100% of the funds collected through their fundraising efforts will go directly to help the victims of this terrible war.

They have assembled a group of over 200 volunteers who work to coordinate the Ukrainians’ needs with their partners in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, and Romania. Central Park Angels provides emergency aid to those most vulnerable, and they are organizing a fundraiser that focuses on addressing their most pressing needs.

Click to support Central Park Angels and get the kids another peaceful day!

ChildAid to Eastern Europe

  • United Kingdom

ChildAid to Eatern Europe supports the work of local projects in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. They bring physical, material and spiritual support to families in crisis and vulnerable people living with disabilities and with consequences of conflict.

Since the invasion of war in Ukraine in February 2022, they have been:
• Helping families who have opened their homes to refugees  
• Providing parcels of food and clothing  
• Providing sanitary and personal hygiene packs  
• Providing bedding  
• Helping with transport to safer areas

Click to support Childaid to Eastern Europe, so that kids in need could get better assistance!

Children Change Colombia

  • United Kingdom 

Children Change Colombia (CCC) is the UK’s largest charity - with 30 years’ experience - working in Colombia. CCC has worked with local orgs to support over 65,000 children to overcome the trauma of poverty, armed conflict, displacement, and lack of education, and has invested 13 million pounds all across the country.

One of their key aims is to work on issues that are neglected by others. Many of the projects of CCC are pioneering services in areas where such services do not exist. For instance, they work in schools in remote villages near the Pacific coast where state institutions are weak and few NGOs operate. They believe, with knowledge and confidence of their rights, children can transform their own lives, communities and Colombia itself.

Click to support Children Change Colombia, getting kids power to change!

De Pull-Up Foundation

  • Ghana 

De Pull-Up Foundation is an NGO that focuses on providing care & support to the most vulnerable groups in society. They strive to provide scholarships, stationeries, hospital equipment, children health centers, and shelters to the underprivileged as below. 

• Children With Special Needs, such as Autism, Down syndrome, Dyslexia, etc.  
• Homeless & Street Children  

Click to support De Pull-Up Foundation to improve the kids’ lives.

Fobeworld Org

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo 

For a better world FOBEWORLD is a non-profit charitable organization working following the principle of love, compassion and solidarity for the benefit of children by empowering local communities to finally end the root causes of poverty so that children survive and reach their full potential in strong, united and resilient communities where their rights are known, accepted and respected.

Founded in 2016, Fobeworld works with communities facing extreme poverty as a result of armed conflicts, disasters and other intense humanitarian crises in northeastern DRC.

Click to support Fobeworld Org and get the kids unlimited possibilities!

God's Hand For The Needy

  • Uganda 

God's Hand For The Needy (GHFTN) endeavors to provide support to the most youths, women, kids staying in orphanages and to vulnerable children fostered by Christian families and relatives.

The main objective of GHFTN is to meet the needs of girls, women, orphans and vulnerable children. They now care for 200 orphans out of 480 vulnerable children and youths.

They want to build an orphanage complex, including shelter, a school and a medical clinic in Mbale, Uganda. They hope people will open hearts to the vulnerable children and the volunteers to help them meet their goal.

Click to support God's Hand For The Needy for a safer world for the kids!

Newborns in Need

  • United States 

Newborns in Need is organized to take care of sick and needy babies and families, helping where help is needed.

10K babies are born each day into families facing immediate challenges in the US. Lack of diapers, clothing and safe personal sleep areas impact the health and well-being of the newborn.

Newborns in Need partners with agencies who support the family unit. Each Newborns in Need Chapter positions themselves to serve as many infants as possible in their local area. No infant should suffer or be at risk due to lack of basic essential items that every baby deserves.

Click to support Newborns in Need, so that the newborns will grow up healthily.

The Delia Foundation

  • United States 

The Delia Foundation offers assistance to disabled children without parents. Their mission is to prevent institutionalization of disabled individuals.

Orphaned kids with special needs in rural Romania are often denied an education. The Delia Foundation supports orphaned children in Vaslui County, one of the European Union’s poorest areas.

Their Learning Center offers educational support, speech therapy, nutritional counseling and emotional support for autistic children. They improve physical and mental health with exercise for the special needs child.

Click to support The Delia Foundation and give the kids a better future.