TGB Charity: Get to know what vulnerable children need in the video!
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When the Smile Glitters: Video Released

In early 2022, TGB Charity released an online event “The Future You’d Love”, inviting the public to speak out the future they want. Through all the thoughts and ideas we received, we understood that children's well-being and rights are in the spotlight.

Responding to the public's request, TGB Charity launched a charity fundraising campaign for children, When the Smile Glitters, on World Humanitarian Day in 2022, working with 9 international child welfare organizations to voice for vulnerable children.

TGB Charity cares about children, and that's what we do.

The first Friday of October each year is "World Smile Day". In response to the festival filled with smiles and happiness, TGB Charity released a warm video “When the Smile Glitters”, which not only expresses our gratitude and support to non-profit organizations around the world, but also shows TGB Charity's determination to helping kids.

The video shows the unyielding spirit of charitable organizations, but it also shows the difficulties they are facing. On this very meaningful day, TGB Charity invites you to watch the video below to find out the real needs of disadvantaged children, and join the ranks of guarding children's smiles!

TGB Charity would like to thank every participant in the campaign. With your support and feedback, more and more vulnerable children will get attention and noticed.

Get more videos on TGB Charity's YouTube channel.


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